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Russia's unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine shocked the world just as it began to recover from the global COVID pandemic. With little preparedness, individuals and organizations alike were left struggling with how to help Ukrainians through this dark time. The founding directors of our organization came together with the knowledge that their combined experience, networks, and resources could be more effectively and efficiently leveraged to support Ukraine and its people.
Each of our directors found as many ways to help Ukrainians as we could: organizing evacuations of civilians from hot zones, raising funds to purchase medications and personal protective gear, securing in-kind donations of food and medical supplies from international companies.
Through the first three months of the invasion alone, we collectively provided over $14 million worth of humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.
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Still, we were determined to do more – not just in the immediate aftermath of the unfolding crisis, but through the extensive redevelopment and reconstruction of a sovereign, democratic, and prosperous Ukraine.

We are Ukrainians, Ukrainian-Americans, and friends of Ukraine. We are consultants, doctors, and public officials. We are senior investment executives, national security experts, and global humanitarians. We are colleagues. We are family. We are friends.

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