With your help, we can build a brighter future that eclipses the overwhelming destruction in Ukraine.

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The Destruction of Ukraine’s Economy

In 2021, prior to Russia’s unprovoked war, Ukraine was already considered one of the poorest countries in Europe.

It had the lowest GNI (Gross National Income)--along with one of the lowest rates of GDP (Gross Domestic Product)---per capita.

Below are just a few of the economic shocks Ukrainians have experienced since Russia began its full-scale invasion of their nation on February 24th 2022:


Over 5,000,000 jobs lost and hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed


Significantly increased costs of living and working, whether in their home country or abroad (as refugees)


Loss of vital public social services due to a severe national budget deficit and increased defense spending


The destruction of thousands of manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals, and other business locations


Over $100 billion (and rising daily) in material losses due to destruction of critical civilian infrastructure

"Deploying capital during this extraordinary time is essential to keep businesses and vital services running, and when the time is right, prepare for the massive reconstruction efforts to come."

— Makhtar Diop, IFC Managing Director

Understanding Ukraine’s Economic Destruction

By just focusing on a few key Ukrainian economic indicators, we can start to appreciate the exceedingly harmful impact and distortion that Russia’s war has already had on Ukraine’s economy.

Unemployment rate1
Real GDP growth2
Inflation rate3
Proverty rate4
Current: annual, as of Q3 2022 (National Bank of Ukraine); Pre-War: FY 2021 (World Bank)
Current: FY 2022 forecast, as of October 2022 (IMF); Pre-War: FY 2021 (IMF)
Current: year-over-year, as of November 2022 (National Bank of Ukraine); Pre-War: FY 2021 (World Bank)
Based on a global poverty line of $6.85 per capita a day (PPP 2017); Current: FY 2022 forecast, as of October 2022 (World Bank); Pre-War: FY 2021 (World Bank)

Our Goal

Help Ukrainians Build a Prosperous Future

Enable the survival and future growth of Ukraine’s private sector by increasing employment, average incomes, and catalytic innovation.

How we get there:

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See Other Ways We’re Supporting Ukraine

Health & Safety

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Russians have covered an estimated 40% of Ukraine’s land in unexploded mines — an area roughly equal in size to the entire United Kingdom.

Truth & Advocacy

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As of January 2023, over 1,377 Ukrainian children have been killed or injured as a result of Russia’s full-scale war.
As of 25 November 2022, at least 13,075 Ukrainian children have been killed, injured, forcibly deported into Russian territory or have otherwise gone missing.
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Women & Children
Pro bono consulting and financial support for local enterpreneurs
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Servicemembers & Veterans
Witness testimony documentation and advocacy
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Entrepreneurs & Catalysts