Help by Donating to Ukraine Today

a young child holding his food in a paper bag in full winter cloths and a blanket sitting outside near people with luggage

Join Ukraine Rises’ fight to rebuild a country and transform the Ukrainian nation.

Over 35 million people remain in Ukraine — some by choice, others out of necessity. Every day, they face:

  • The threat of Russian missile and drone attacks
  • Hours without heat, water, or network connectivity
  • News of another lost loved one.

Donate to Ukraine Rises today, and see how your continued support helps provide shelter, emergency supplies, medical care, and more to Ukrainian children and families.

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How Else Can You Support and Donate to Ukraine?

Donating funds and resources to Ukraine is a critical step in rebuilding this war-torn country. Donating your time and energy is just as important. You can support us in the following ways:

See How We’re Supporting Ukraine

Our nonprofit and program provide day-to-day support for Ukrainians in need, while laying the groundwork for a brighter global future.

Health & Safety

a women sitting at a dining table, with a blanket wrapped around her head, looking worried at a single candle
Russians have covered an estimated 40% of Ukraine’s land in unexploded mines — an area roughly equal in size to the entire United Kingdom.

Economic Resilience

an old man looking up to the sky with his arms out in front of a war destroyed building
1 in 3
More than 1 in 3 Ukrainians are unemployed as a result of Russia’s unprovoked war.

Truth & Advocacy

the back of a crowd advocating for Ukraine with focus on a sign stating "stand with Ukraine"
As of January 2023, over 1,377 Ukrainian children have been killed or injured as a result of Russia’s full-scale war.
As of 25 November 2022, at least 13,075 Ukrainian children have been killed, injured, forcibly deported into Russian territory or have otherwise gone missing.
An exhausted kid sitting on a duffle back in a crowd beside another kid with food and lots of other baggage
Women & Children
Pro bono consulting and financial support for local enterpreneurs
a behind shot of troops, focused on a women's head with flowers in her hair wearing a backpack with a Ukrainian flag
Servicemembers & Veterans
Witness testimony documentation and advocacy
a blond women with a Ukrainian flag on her shoulders working on her laptop in a park
Entrepreneurs & Catalysts