At a Glance The devastating Russia-Ukraine crisis explained, and what we can do to help.

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Our Mission





On February 24th 2022, one of the world’s largest armies invaded a country that few people could accurately point to on a map.

Overnight, the world learned about Ukraine and glimpsed the true face of Russia. During the next several weeks, as the unprovoked invasion devolved into a global humanitarian crisis, our organization came together to help the people of Ukraine reclaim their lives, rebuild their nation and restore their hope in a prosperous future.

Because the war
will end.

And when it does, Ukraine will rise again – stronger, more resilient — a beacon of hope and prosperity for all.

Our Mission & Story

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is more than the two nations at its center;  practically every globally-minded nation is participating in the war on an unprecedented economic, humanitarian, and moral scale. This is a modern World War, and it is our collective responsibility as global citizens to ensure the restoration of peace and sovereignty to Ukraine.

Ukraine Rises’ mission is to help Ukrainians reclaim their lives, rebuild their nation, and restore their hope in a more prosperous future. Our team of professionals, citizens, and like-minded individuals founded this nonprofit to prove that this war affects all of us, and together, we can end the crisis and help Ukraine rise once again.

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Our Ongoing Impact


Helped keep 12,500 people warm with hand, foot and body warmers


Distributed 2,000+ power banks and string light units throughout hot zones


Supplied 8,000 life-saving hemostatic gauze bandages to front-line medics


Outfitted 2,000+ first responders with personal protective gear

16 tons

Delivered 16 tons of shelf-stable food to the Kharkiv region


Provided 100+ children and their parents with psychological support via COPEKITs


Supplied 4,000 portable grills to front-line volunteers


Secured 6,200+ kg of critical medical supplies


Provided $135,000+ in grants to our Ukrainian partner nonprofits

…among other assistance provided throughout Ukraine